Sep. 13th, 2017

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 A lot has been going on at work. Our old boss Kathy didn't give 2 fucks about night shift, so even though at the time she left, night shift had lost 7 or 8 nurses, she never hired anyone for us, saying that we were well staffed. And now we have all these people out on maternity leave and medical leave, and more will go out on leave soon. Almost every night I am off, I get a call and/or text asking me to work extra. One week I worked an extra 8 hours on a night off and then another night, came in 2 hours early for a shift. It's exhausting. Supposedly new people have been hired, but most are new grads, so they still have 12+ weeks of orientation to go through.

One reason I haven't posted much lately is that last month, we had a maternal death while I was working. We haven't lost a mom on my floor in 8 or 9 years, so it was very shocking. Yes, we have babies die, but it's something that is known ahead of time usually, due to defects or being very early.

The woman was an antepartum (someone who is pregnant and being monitored closely), 35 weeks pregnant with twins, there to be monitored for hypertension (high blood pressures). She was set to go home that day.

It happened around 12:15am or so. One or both babies came off the monitor, so the nurse, Arlene, went to go in the patient's room and adjust  the tocometers. The mom was on the floor, unresponsive; no heart beat, not breathing. A code was called, everyone rushed up to our floor from the rest of the hospital. Apparently, an ER doctor took over the code, and was so set on bringing the mom back (I believe that she was immediately dead). The L&D supervisor, Alaina, was trying to get him to stop so they could do a c-section in the room and get the babies out. He didn't listen. Finally, they took her to our OR and coded her throughout the section. From the time the mom was found, to the time the babies were out was 20 minutes. Twenty minutes without oxygen, so then both babies were being coded. They coded mom fro 3 hours. At one point she went into DIC, meaning the clotting factors in her blood were used up. Finally, they let her go. The family got there about the time the county coroner did, so the coroner waited an hour for the family to say goodbye.

The room this woman had been in was across the hallway from our nurses' station, so we saw the whole thing up until they took her to the OR. It was very traumatic for all of us there. And the whole family was out in the hallway crying.

The doctors thought maybe she had had an amniotic fluid embolism, but wouldn't know for sure until the autopsy came back.

Later that day, the twins were sent out to another hospital to go on cooling measures for neuro protection. I believe they went to Children's Hospital LA and then later to Cottage. They are still alive, but may have deficits from lack of oxygen.

Turns out the mom had a large clot in her pelvis, and something knocked it loose. It was good that it happened in the hospital, instead of happening at hope. Her man is in jail, so her children probably would have found her and the twins dead in the morning. She had a 16 year old set of twins and a 9 year old.


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