Jun. 16th, 2017 11:28 pm
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So week 4 is nearly finished of my 1st BSN class, out of 5 weeks. It's been rough. 

We had a paper due the end of week 2. We were supposed to write about the difference in competencies between ADN (associate degree in nursing) vs BSN (baccalaureate in science of nursing) nurses, and provide a situation in which a BSN nurse excelled with a patient and the sun shone out of the asshole of the BSN nurse. The thing is both ADN and BSN nurses are RN. THEY ARE THE SAME THING. There are no policies, as least at my hospital, that say "oh only BSN nurses can do this." Needless to say, I got an F on the paper. Yeah. I got 31.56 points out of 200. Which took me from an A down to the depths of having an F in the class.

Cue much stressing out. 

Some of the women in my group also received Fs, but because of formatting and grammer and their reference page. 

At the end of week 3, our group project was due. Luckily, we got 198.5 out of 200 points, so I now have 70% in the class! Which is still an F. Ugh. I wish I was joking. I need 72% for a D and 76% for a C. All I am shooting for is a C. 

There is another 200 point paper due Sunday, and an 80 point paper due the last day of class, the 25th, as well as next week's discussion board questions. I really have no idea if I will pass this class or not. 

And if I do not, do I try again or quit before I owe too much money in loans?
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 This is week 2 of class 1 of my BSN- and I am still not in the flow of things and over it and procrastinating. I am totally not into having a group project for an online class either. Ugh
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 First of all, I should start with Mother's Day.

My parents decided to do a BBQ on Mother's Day that was part for Mother's Day and part for my dad's birthday. I figured my Aunt Terra would be sad this year since my cousin is married to a guy in the Air Force and they are out in Texas right now, so I got her a pretty good Mother's Day gift: quite a few bath things from Bath & Body Works. I also got my mom bath things from there. After we BBQ'd and ate, I passed out the Mother's Day gift and my dad's birthday gift.

My aunt looked down at the bag I gave her, before she opened it, and said, "How'd you know my mail box was empty??" As in, my cousin didn't send her anything for Mother's Day, didn't even call of text her. My aunt was almost in tears. Needless to say, I was very glad I got her something more than a card.

My Statistics and Sociology classes were done Thursday. I didn't have time to celebrate, since I worked all weekend, and then my first BSN class started yesterday! But I am excited, because work-wise, I am off from Friday to Wednesday, with a 4 hour work class on Tuesday. A whole weekend off, and a holiday weekend at that!

I plan to go eat Thai food with Alyse and Halie on Friday, and we'll possibly also go to Solvang for all the delicious baked goods there. My parents and I might BBQ again Monday, so I will have Saturday and Sunday to do whatever, relax a bit, plus do some classwork.
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I feel like I have so much to do.
  • today is my dad's birthday
  • I work Friday and Saturday
  • Sunday is Mother's Day
  • I can get extra credit for my Sociology final (which is an essay) if I turn it in Monday by 1pm; have not started yet
  • take home test for Statistics is due Tuesday
  • welcome call to Grand Canyon University is Wednesday
  • Sociology final is due by 1pm Thursday
  • Statistics homework is due Thursday by 2pm (online)
  • Statistics final is Thursday at 2pm
  • I work next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
  • I start my bachelor's program Monday May 22nd
I am so exhausted. I have no caffeinated beverages in my house. It's !:30am and I am so hungry.

Burned Out

Apr. 10th, 2017 01:14 pm
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Lately I feel as though I am doing a millions things at once. I am working full time nights, and I was being oriented to shift lead; now I actually can shift lead. I am taking a semester long statistics class in person, as well as an 8 week online sociology class. Plus there are shows and movies I'd like to watch and books I would like to read. About 75% of my DVR is full and I am behind on The Expanse and Call The Midwife. And I still haven't watched the latest season of Sherlock (I'm afraid that I will be disapointed).


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