Fire Season

Jul. 8th, 2017 10:01 pm
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 So Thursday afternoon through this morning, my county was under a red flag warning, which means a warning that forest fires are likely with the weather conditions, basically, low humidity, high temperatures, and wind. 

Of course multiple fires started. Thursday afternoon, the Alamo Fire started, north east of me, just off Highway 166. It's moved south and is now directly east of me, 10 miles east of the 101, and I live about a block west of the 101. This morning it was 6000 acres and now it's 20000 acres and only 10% contained. Air tankers have been flying over my house for 2 days now. I imagine firefighter will do everything they can to prevent the fire from getting close to the 101 but I am low key panicking and I am tempted to pack some things and drive myself and my cat to my parents' house. 

The Tower Fire started yesterday from a burning care on the 101, on Cuesta Grade. Only 70 or so acres burned, and it's now 100% contained. 

Today the Whittier Fire started near Lake Cachuma, also caused by a burning car, I heard. On the 6pm news, that fire was 5400 acres and 0% contained. 

I was watching the US vs Panama game on TV when an evacuation alert flashed on the TV. For the whole fucking county, which freaked me out. What a big oops; the online evacuation alert was for the areas around Lake Cachuma. 

I feel bad for my friend Simone. There was a fire by Cachuma last year, and her dad lives near the lake and refused to evacuate. Luckily, he was fine. Now he doesn't have a phone so she doesn't know if he evacuated or not or if he is okay.

Air quality is shit so I have been inside all day with all the windows closed. 

Hopefully, the fire near me is more contained by the time I go to work on Tuesday, because I don't know how comfortable I will be leaving my cat home alone. 
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